I’m a family man, a believer, an entrepreneur, a designer, and a few other things.

Apparently there’s a city in Utah called Daniel. I saw the sign and nearly wrecked the car trying to turn around. Got the picture and no one died. I’ll call that a W!

Ever since I was young, I got obsessed with random things and went really deep into them, and then quit and moved to something else. For lack of a better term, I got bored easily.

In high school I played a couple different sports, I was involved in 4h and FFA, I played multiple instruments in band, I did BPA, I was in student council, etc. Everyone I knew seemed to have their thing – the one thing that they loved and were good at. I couldn’t ever figure out “my thing”.

As I’ve gotten older, I have come to realize that my thing is, well, doing lots of different things.

I can’t say that having “itchy feet” is necessarily a good thing, but I have tried to make the most of this impulse. I started a company in 2016 and learned about what it takes to win in business (and also how easy it is to fail). I have since exited that business and started Averse Pest Control here in the Boise area, which I am currently running.

I have found that writing is therapeutic for me and helps organize my thoughts, so I started this site to share some knowledge and experiences in hopes that it can help someone else in their journey.